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100 Gallon 2-in-1 DEF Pumping System

Original price $ 6,755.00 - Original price $ 7,980.00
Original price
$ 6,755.00
$ 6,755.00 - $ 7,980.00
Current price $ 6,755.00

Product Description

This ISO 22241 Compliant system includes a 100-gallon specialized poly tank and a bidirectional pump. It fits into the front enclosure of the trailer and recesses into the frame for ideal weight distribution. The 2-in-1 DEF Pumping System fills and dispenses DEF in a closed path to ensure fluid purity is maintained to protect Tier 4 machinery.

You can order the DEF system with either a 35' or 50' auto-retracting DEF hose reel. You can also opt for a 120V DEF Heater if you intend to use the system in colder climates. It includes a preset thermostat and an electrical connection located in the passenger side of the front enclosure.

Additional options available on the store include the Digital DEF Meter and 120V DEF Heater.

Note: The 2-in-1 pumping system listed above is for use with fuel and service trailers that have a front enclosure with hatch-style doors. Here is a DEF system for economy trailers.