60 Gallon DEF Saddle Tank

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Product Description

This industrial grade closed DEF system is designed to be added to a truck chassis below the frame rails. It includes a skid base for mounting on truck brackets. This item is 60 gallon capacity. The pumping system includes an interchangeable auto-trip nozzle and Micro-Matic® RSV fill coupler. All components are protected with a weather-proof exterior and a lockable door.

If you intend to use the system in colder climates, we recommend installing the optional heating system to protect from damage caused when DEF freezes and expands.  The system includes three components: Glycol Tank Heater, 110V Tank Heater and 110V Pump Enclosure Heater. The Glycol Tank Heater connects to the truck's cooling system to keep the fluid warm during transfer. The 110V Tank Heater and 110V Pump Enclosure Heater both include preset thermostats and electrical connectors to keep the fluid thawed when the truck is not in use.

A Digital DEF Meter is also available on the store.